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This website contains lots of acrostics that can be freely used in church magazines and similar miscellanies, as well as for personal enjoyment. Harry’s distinctive device is the ‘rhyming acrostic’.

Harry Hunter is the pen name of a retired academic who lives with his wife (and cat) at West Kilbride on the Ayrshire coast.

Harry also writes books (follow the Books tab at the top). His new novella – “The Kilfinan Treasure” – is published this month (March 2019) by Instant Apostle.


For March I have written an acrostic on ‘Administration’ for the ‘Fruits and Gifts’ section. Chapter 12 of the first letter to the Corinthians sets out the gifts given to Christians by the Holy Spirit. There is a diversity of gifts, but they come together in the unity of the Christian body. Thank goodness we aren’t all expected to display all of the gifts! Most of us probably feel we don’t measure up terribly well against the range of possibilities described in Chapter 12. However, every one of us has a talent which, whether we realise it or not, is indispensable to the church of Christ. Verse 28 (in most translations) cites administration as a gift of the Spirit – it may not seem glamorous but we’re all grateful for the paid and unpaid folk who beaver away at thankless tasks in order to keep out churches, organisations and charities ticking over smoothly.

All spiritual gifts work in common accord,
Different types of service all come from one Lord:
Miracle workers may only rarely be found,
Inspirational apostles may be thin on the ground,
Not every member can be a prophet or teacher,
Interpretation of tongues requires a very rare creature,
Spirit-given messages are revealed to but a few –
Thankfully, most of us are given lesser tasks to do!
Routine gifts of the Spirit may not set the world aflame,
Administration in particular receives scant acclaim
Though rotas, forms and spreadsheets don’t fill up by themselves.
If you find a church with orderly pigeon-holes and shelves,
Operating smoothly like a finely tuned machine
No doubt a gifted administrator toils away unseen.

A useful tip! If you are copying acrostics for use elsewhere please check that the initial letter of each line remains highlighted, or else readers often don’t realise it’s an acrostic.

Any of the material on this site, with the exception of ‘Taking The High Road’, may be freely copied.

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