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The Kilfinan Treasure now available!

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Delighted to announce I am featured in Val Penny’s book reviews – 5 questions to author https://bookreviewstoday.info/2019/04/29/5-questions-of-writing-by-harry-hunter/


This website contains lots of acrostics that can be freely used in church magazines and similar miscellanies, as well as for personal enjoyment. Harry’s distinctive device is the ‘rhyming acrostic’. At the foot of this page are links to my most recently blogged acrostics.

Harry Hunter is the pen name of a retired academic who lives with his wife (and cat) at West Kilbride on the Ayrshire coast.

Harry also writes books (follow the Books tab at the top). His new novella – “The Kilfinan Treasure” – was published on 21st March 2019 by Instant Apostle.


May’s new acrostic reminds us that the Good Shepherd lays down his life for us – He knows us and we recognise His voice.

Sheep are wayward creatures, always wandering astray
Humankind is much the same, it’s in our DNA;
Ever envying, ever hankering after greener
Pastures – discontent is part of our demeanour.
Hirelings cannot save us, they’ll quickly run amok
Every time a ravening wolf threatens the flock.
Remember Jesus is The Gate, for both Gentile and Jew:
Didn’t he leave the ninety-nine, just to search for you?

A useful tip! If you are copying acrostics for use elsewhere please check that the initial letter of each line remains highlighted, or else readers often don’t realise it’s an acrostic.

Any of the material on this site, with the exception of ‘Taking The High Road’, may be freely copied.

Please follow me at @HarryHunterBlog or email me at  harryhunteronline@gmail.com

Happy reading!


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