Welcome to the website of Harry Hunter, author of Christian fiction.

This website contains lots of acrostics that can be freely used in church magazines and similar miscellanies, as well as for personal enjoyment. Harry’s distinctive device is the ‘rhyming acrostic’. 

Harry Hunter is the pen name of a retired academic who lives with his wife (and cat) at West Kilbride on the Ayrshire coast.

Harry also writes books (follow the Books tab at the top). His latest novella – “The Kilfinan Treasure” – was published in spring 2019 by Instant Apostle. If you would like to buy a copy, please consider ordering it from West Kilbride’s (very quick and efficient) Timberbooks.


Through 2019, I added a new rhyming acrostic each month, but in 2020 I’ll be changing tack. Below, I offer an acrostic related to ‘newness’ befitting a new year. However, throughout 2020 I’ll be honing the ‘Acrostic Bible’. It is clear from internet traffic data that this section is the most popular, but it was written in a hurry when I was getting the site started three years ago. As I work my way through the Bible in 2020 I’ll gradually refine the existing acrostics – revised acrostics will start with a red capital, so you can chart my progress.

New Every Morning

Night falls. For some, it’s very dark.
Evening’s stars hunker down behind cloud;
Where lamps glowed, now there’s barely a spark.

Empty hearts break, black-dog heads are bowed.
Very faintly on the breeze a voice chants a prayer,
Echoing its hope someone lights a candle –
Risible weapons against a world’s despair
Yet still too hot for Hell’s hordes to handle.

Moonlight still dances behind its shroud
Oceans still yield their gentle luminescence
Rims of silver trim each nimbus cloud –
Nocturnal sentinels of a numinous presence.
In a few short hours the boundless day will dawn
New promises will comfort those who mourn
God’s mercies are, with each fresh sun, re-born.



A useful tip! If you are copying acrostics for use elsewhere please check that the initial letter of each line remains highlighted, or else readers often don’t realise it’s an acrostic.

Any of the material on this site, with the exception of ‘Taking The High Road’ and ‘The Kilfinan Treasure’, may be freely copied.

Happy reading!


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(The ‘no derivatives’ restriction on this licence doesn’t prevent you making minor editorial amendments – but please don’t make any radical changes)


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