Writing an acrostic – why I started

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A few years back, after publishing my first fiction book, I wanted to find a way of bringing it to the attention of a wider range of readers than I could reach locally. Eventually, I hit on the idea of creating a WordPress site containing short writings that would be suitable for church magazines and similar miscellanies. I hoped that the offer of ‘something for free’ might attract visitors to my site, where they would also notice my book. At first I included various genres – flash fiction, poems and acrostics. I discovered that the acrostics were proving most popular, perhaps because they were intriguing and short enough to fit into a spare half page. It’s possible, too, that they were simply better than the other pieces and that, by accident, I’d stumbled upon my distinctive medium. The site has evolved over time and is now dominated by acrostics, often relating to particular themes. Recently, I re-named it ‘Holy Acrostics!’ which had a positive effect on the volume of traffic, apparently because ‘acrostic’ is quite frequently used as a search term.

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