Arran Acrostic

Arran is the island just across from where we live. If you look at it from the  right direction, it’s supposed to resemble a sleeping warrior. I expected to get a good view of it from the train today, but unfortunately there was a dense mist. A friend of mine once said that Arran was rather like God. Some days it’s crystal clear and looks close enough to touch. Other days you can’t see it at all, but know it’s still there. You get the impression from the following photos – one taken on a snowy day a couple of weeks back and one taken from the train today. It reminded be of Hebrews 11:1 and I had to write an acrostic about it:

At times the island basks in aquamarine
Rising from a waveless, tranquil sea
Recumbent warrior, dormant and serene;
And suddenly a fret descends, and we
Need faith as our evidence of things unseen.



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