Wisdom acrostic

A fellow WordPress blogger (Samuel D James) recently alerted me to Brett McCracken’s “wisdom pyramid”, something I had never seen before. Basically, the pyramid consists of tiers of wisdom sources, having the bible at its base and social media at the top https://www.brettmccracken.com/blog/2017/8/3/the-wisdom-pyramid

It struck me so much that I shared it with our house group. While we didn’t agree with every detail, we had a lively discussion about how the sources become more fleeting and unreliable as you move up the pyramid. Contemporary culture tends to reverse this hierarchy, exalting the transient and ignoring the cornerstone.

As you’ll have guessed, it sparked a new acrostic:

Worldly hipsters heed the message on the streets
Instant factoids flood from posts and tweets
Solomon counselled, yet failed to walk the talk
Danish princes could tell a handsaw from a hawk
Others trust fake news in mainstream media.
Moments spent with God outweigh years with Wikipedia.

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