Widow’s Mite – a rhyming acrostic


At last night’s service we looked at the “widow’s mite” (Luke 21:1-4), and the narrative either side of it. Is it a story about generous giving or about inequality and injustice? What did the widow live on for the rest of the week? As we discovered, there is a lot going on in this passage.

Why do we remember her, this solitary figure?
Is it because we see her as part of something bigger?
Destitute and stooped, at the margins of society,
Overshadowing the rich with their fake shows of piety,
Waiting on God, she unburdened her cares,
She had no need of fine robes or long prayers.

Maybe she never heard what Jesus then said –
Injustice angered him, the Father-heart bled.
Time will forget the corrupt and the vain
Examples of selfless faith will ever remain.

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