Behold I Make All Things New – acrostic

Babel’s futile tower exemplified our vanity –
Eden’s rebels, not content with our humanity,
Hoping to touch Heaven, we pursued an illusion,
Our lust to play God led us to warlike confusion,
Law-breaking, covetous, fleecing our neighbour,
Disobedience condemned us to lives of hard labour.

In His mercy, God wept over His people’s dismay,

Miraculously freed Israel from Pharaoh’s sway
As a pillar of fire by night and of cloud by day
Kept vigil as they wandered Sinai’s scorched sands
Established them safe in Canaan’s sweet lands.

Always rebelling, rarely returning
Looking to idols for wisdom and learning
Lacking God’s spirit, they met violence with violence,

The prophets fell quiet – then, after aeons of silence,
Hair-clad John came to Jordan to herald a Messiah,
Instead of water, He would baptise with fire –
No hiding place for sin, but an offer of repentance
Grace alone would commute our death sentence
Sin’s chains were broken if we claimed our new birth

Now we await new bodies, a new Heaven, a new earth
Eternal glory is offered to each who perseveres
Where there will be no anguish, no pain, no want, no tears.

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