Acrostic Seasons

Here you’ll find acrostics about the main seasons of the church calendar.


After the old-style prophets had long gone,
Desert-dwelling, locust-eating, hair-clad John
Vented his venom on viperous visitors,
Excoriated extortioners, faced down inquisitors:
Now was the time to flee from the fire,
To bear fruit of repentance for the promised Messiah.


Cold, fragile and aching, this carpenter’s wife
Held her defenceless newborn fearfully;
Responsible now for his every pulse of life,
Isolated from kinswomen, intuitively and tearfully
She somehow kept him warm and fed,
Tried settling him in a makeshift bed:
Motherhood was harsh on this young slip, barely wed.
And then, bearing awestruck certainties, sent to reassure,
Shepherds came rattling at the stable door.

Christmas extra! – Bethlehem

Business booms for innkeepers – this census of population
Emperor Augustus ordered has got the whole nation
Travelling, each family to their native city.
Hotels are crammed, stables full, there’s little pity
Lost on two stragglers, and the girl in dire need of a bed.
Even’, her husband had begged, ‘some straw in a shed’.
Heaven help her’, the innkeeper’s wife had said,
Ease yourself here, love, before you catch your death!’
Mary gasps in labour and angels hold their breath.


Expectantly the magi journeyed from distant
Palaces – compelled by an insistent
Instinct that westwards heaven was touching earth
Poignantly, daringly, in a costly birth.
Herod was a wily fox, this much they knew
And so they worshipped, cautioned and withdrew.
Not for this most royal family a life of ease:
Yesterday fêted, tomorrow refugees.


Love led Him to inhabit that wilderness of thirst
Empowered by the Spirit as Satan did his worst.
Now is the time to reaffirm our accord
To act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with the Lord.


Even though the cross had staunched His breath,
And the tomb had set its seal on brutal death,
Sins of men yet stung in wounds still fresh,
The word no longer dwelt with us as flesh –
Even these could not prolong that darkest night.
Resurrected life kindled the world alight.


Praying persistently must have been the trigger
Expecting something big, they got something bigger
Nine in the morning, winds roared, fires blazed
The disciples babbled as men who were crazed
Each heard his own language and stood amazed
Convicted by Peter’s sermon, their minds were awoken
Over three thousand found their proud hearts broken
Spirit of truth, conviction and fire
Testified that Jesus really was the Messiah.


The Lord God, Jehovah Jireh, Almighty One
Revealed himself fully through Jesus, the son,
Image of the invisible God, firstborn of creation,
Name above all names; and for our confirmation
Indwells as the Holy Spirit, our truth, our inspiration.
Three personae bearing witness to one another
Yet indivisible, our Father, Comforter, Brother.

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